Over 70 lorries showed their appreciation for frontline workers outside Withybush Hospital, during the Clap for Carers last night (Thursday, May 21).

The lorries, some emblazoned with messages of support for the NHS, drove from the Withybush trading estate, through Withybush Hospital, before completing a tour of the town.

As they drove along, the lorries rang out their horns in appreciation and people gathered at the hospital entrance to clap along.

Western Telegraph:

Several staff members said the scene made them quite emotional, thanking the drivers for the support.

Tamitha Richards, a volunteer Air Cadet leader said: "It's lovely, it's overwhelming. It's about time the NHS was appreciated.

Western Telegraph:

"I literally found out it was going to happen last minute, it's really moving. I just hope this appreciation lasts."

A Withybush shift porter who asked not to be named agreed it was great to see appreciation being shown for the NHS but said there are a lot of people involved in the fight against the virus.

Western Telegraph:

"We shouldn't forget about care workers and other people who are important in the fight against the virus.

"Without haulage contractors we wouldn't have any food on the table.

"Everyone is playing a part."