READING the story about the gargantuan child poverty rates in Pembrokeshire, it’s time to get involved and help out.

A staggering rise in child poverty anywhere is unacceptable, and we need to refuse to let it slide.

It’s time, as a community, to stick together rise up and help organisations like Patch; but it’s also time to educate everyone on the reasons this is happening.

If you have a skill that can help, use it.

Can you help out with a weekly food shop? do it!

Can you spare that weekly bottle of wine and buy £5 worth of food? do it!

Also, write to your MPS, join a party you believe in, and take action.

Also, if you have it, please spare time to help out and volunteer and educate other people on this problem; you would be shocked by the amount of people you know who would be oblivious to this injustice happening.

This is way past the point of being unacceptable, it’s downright abhorrent; kids having food is not a privilege it’s a human right.

All the 8pm NHS claps are wasted if a nurse’s child has to use a food bank, and currently, of around 87 per cent of kids in child poverty, at least one parent works.

If we aren’t fighting for children’s right to be happy and healthy, why do we deserve any life at all?

Let’s not only act, let’s fight child poverty, and all poverty in Pembrokeshire, starting now.