WITH all that is happening in the world, take a step back in ‘musical’ time with the help of Radio Caroline North and Manx Radio on June 27/28.

The link up starts at 10.30am on Saturday, June 27, until 9pm on Sunday, June 28.

Turn back time to musical memories from the 1960s, 70s, 80s and early 90s on Manx Radio's MW frequency of 1368khz,Radio Caroline's MW frequency of 648khz during the evening ,online via the Radio Caroline / Manx Radio websites, smart speakers and mobile phones .

As the late founder of Radio Caroline, Ronan O'Rahilly once said: "Radio Caroline can be anywhere.”

Due to the ongoing health crisis, land-based studios will be used instead of the studios aboard the radio ship Ross Revenge, but the atmosphere, created by the enthusiastic presenters, will be the same.

Happy listening.


Simpson Cross