A Pembroke Dock Councillor, who caused controversy after a posting a photo that appeared to compare black people to monkeys, has resigned as a councillor. 

Peter Kraus posted the photo to his social media profile, which appeared to compare black protestors with monkeys at a wildlife park damaging a car.

Late last week, Mr Kraus hit back at the accusations of racism saying: "I have never in my whole life been racist in any way or form."

Explaining the picture, Mr Kraus said: "The picture in question, which I am sure you are all referring to [on social media comments] actually means to me that some people are worse than animals and enjoy destroying things, whether it be vehicles, buildings or statutes."

Fellow Pembroke Dock Cllr Josh Beynon, who called the picture "the lowest of the low" when it was published, said the situation could have been fixed if Mr Kraus had apologised. 

He said: "At the end of the day, when it’s obvious that you shared a racist post you say ‘I’m sorry’ and then commit to go on some sort of equality and diversity training.

"What you don’t do is tell one newspaper you were hacked, then tell another you were trying to make out that people are worse than animals.

"No one forced Peter to share what he did, he did that himself from his own Facebook.

"I appreciate Peter has done lots for the town but that doesn’t give anyone a free pass to say or do what they want."

Pembroke Dock Town Council confirmed that Mr Peter Kraus has resigned today in a post shared on their website. 

The statement said: "The office of Pembroke Dock Town Council have received a letter of resignation from Mr Peter Kraus.

"Members of the Council would like to thank Peter for all his hard work which he has undertaken over the years throughout the Town and for his continued efforts within the Town Council."

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