FRIENDS Of The Earth Pembrokeshire is delighted that the Pembroke Dock Marine Project has been given the green light (lead story, Western Telegraph, June 17).

For years we and other similar-minded campaigners have been pointing out that renewable energy projects don't just deliver environmental benefits, they also offer skilled and well paid jobs, and can boost a region’s prosperity - especially so, if there is local shareholding. We hope to see much sustainable business “pump-primed” by this Pembroke Dock venture: the possibilities are enormous, as borne out by recent news from the East Coast.

- Montrose Port confirmed as operations base for Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm, Seagreen;

- The Port of Tyne confirmed as operations base for the world’s largest offshore wind farm, Dogger Bank.

The ultimate capacity of Seagreen is 1.08 Gigawatts, total investment £3 billion (Source: Jim Smith MD of SSE Renewables quoted by; the projected capacity of the whole Dogger Bank project is 4.8 Gigawatts, total investment £9 billion ( Meanwhile, the estimated potential for floating offshore wind generation in the Celtic Sea is over 100 Gigawatts (ORE Catapult): quite some prospect!


Pembrokeshire Friends of the Earth,