A Pembroke Dock Town Councillor who resigned after being accused of racism is being investigated by the ombudsman.

Peter Kraus, who posted a picture on social media that appeared to compare black protestors to monkies, resigned from the council earlier this week

He is now being investigated by the Public Services Ombudsman - the group that consider and investigate complaints made against members of local government bodies.

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Mr Kraus previously defended the post saying he was not a racist and has black friends. 

He said: “The point I was making was that we are worse than animals, It is bad enough with this pandemic without all these crazy things that are going on everywhere, It was not meant as an insult to black people."

However, Mr Kraus also told other media that he believed his account had been hacked. 

The investigation by the ombudsman was confirmed by Pembroke Dock Town Council in a statement.

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They said: "The office of Pembroke Dock Town Council has received an email of resignation from Mr Peter Kraus, members of the Council would like to thank Peter for all his hard work which he has undertaken over the years throughout the Town and for his continued efforts within the Town Council. 

"As there is an investigation taking place by the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales we are unable to comment further."