A DRIVER Feedback Sign (DFS) advising motorists of the speed they are travelling is to be installed on Neyland Promenade.

The sign, which will cost £2,100, will be installed by Neyland Town Council in response to concerns expressed by residents about vehicles travelling at speeds in excess of the permitted 30 mph.

The most recent traffic survey was taken more than three years ago, and the sign captures data on traffic volume and speed which can be downloaded.

A similar sign was placed on Honeybrough Road by the town council and data captured by the sign indicated a substantial reduction in traffic speeds along that road.

The Mayor, Councillor Simon Hancock said: “I am pleased the town council has taken the decision to devote more funds for road safety in the town.

“The sign will have an independent energy source and will be installed in accordance with guidelines issued by the traffic department of the county council.”