A drunken visit to his estranged wife’s home cost a Narberth man £460.

Thomas Nigel Phillips, of Northfield Road, pleaded guilty to two charges of criminal damage when he appeared before Haverfordwest magistrates on Wednesday, June 24.

Vaughan Pritchard-Jones, prosecuting, said Phillips’ wife moved out of the matrimonial home when the pair separated after a 30-year relationship.

Phillips’ wife heard banging coming from the communal area of her flat at 10pm on February 8, and he damaged a glass pane in the door before breaking the wing-mirror of her car.

The court heard that Phillips, 50, was previously of clean character.

Tom Lloyd, defending, said Phillips had found the break-up difficult, adding there was no history of violence in the relationship.

On the day in question, Phillips had gone to the pub after watching the rugby, and consumed four pints over four to five hours.

“He accepts he had too much to drink and that affected his judgement. In the pub, comments were made about his wife, he felt he wanted to talk to her.

“He did not go with any intention of being violent there.”

Mr Lloyd added that Phillips had been knocking on the door when the glass smashed, and stumbled into the wing-mirror due to being intoxicated.

“This was a complete one-off.

“It was impulsive. He had gone on a whim to talk to her. He is remorseful and understands he should not have behaved in this way.”

Magistrates ordered Phillips to pay £460.52 in compensation, a fine, costs and a surcharge.

The chairman of the bench said: “It was a very silly thing to do.”