A PERMANENT memorial to the coronavirus pandemic and the front-line staff who have risked their health to get the country through it could be erected in Fishguard.

The town's new mayor, Cllr Jackie Stokes, proposed the memorial at this month's meeting of Fishguard and Goodwick Town Council.

Her initial idea was to erect a plaque in the town hall with carefully chosen wording on it. However other councillors favoured a memorial in an outside space such as Lota Park or the area behind the townhall.

Cllr Paul Mason said he would like the memorial to be somewhere where the public could look at it all the time, such as Lota Park.

This idea was expanded on by Cllr David Pepper who said that he had seen some great graffiti murals reflecting the pandemic and the heroes of the pandemic- the front-line staff. He suggested either the park or the area behind the town hall where everybody could see it as a location.

Cllr Llanavis Davies suggested that the memorial could be interactive, an item that could be used for play or an area that could be used for events.

Councillors agreed to set up a working group to explore ideas and proposals further and report back to the full council.