THERE will be no summer break for Fishguard and Goodwick town councillors this year, after they voted to scrap the August recess and hold a summer meeting.

Mayor of the twin towns, Jackie Stokes, asked councillors 'do we need an August recess?'.

"We don't do any council business in May," she said. "Having August off, well that's two months that the council achieves nothing.

"If something important arises in July, it would have to wait until September, that's too long. As long as the [August] meeting was quorate there is no reason why it shouldn't take place."

Town clerk, Cath Bannister, explained that as many town councillors are working the August break gives them time off, traditionally to take a holiday.

Deputy mayor, Sharon McCarney supported the proposal.

"We have lost enough months this year," she said. "We don't need to lose August."

Cllr Brian Murphy pointed out that August would be a particularly sensitive time this year with businesses reopening following lockdown and the recent regeneration of the town centre.

"We need to be in the position that we are going to be able to respond to that," he said.

However, Cllr Paul Mason said there was no need to meet in August and 'waste people's time', the council could call an extraordinary meeting if something important came up.

The majority of councillors supported the proposal and the council will meet on the first Tuesday in August.