The Haverfordwest Yarn Bombers are back, with another colour explosion covering the town.

The county town has once again been filled with colourful characters, all made in the medium of yarn.

Sally Williams, who runs the group said: “We hope the general public will get so much enjoyment from seeing the bomb that they might forget their worries at this strange and scary time.

Western Telegraph:

“We ask the public to please stick to the guidelines and sociably distance while walking around, and not to touch the bomb at this time.”

The yarn-bombers have been covering the town in the colourful display every year since 2015.

Working in secret, the group leads a covert operation, never announcing when a new display will go up.

Each year the work centres on a theme, including an ocean theme last year.

This year’s work focuses on popular children’s characters, with everyone from Donald Duck to Bart Simpson making an appearance.

Western Telegraph:

“We would like to dedicate the bomb to the NHS and all key workers who have helped keep things going and the children who have abided by the rules over the last few months,” Sally said.

All the pieces are up for sale, with all monies raised going towards the next yarn-bomb.

The group has also set up a crowdfunder to help pay for the yearly rent at the venue where they hold their weekly meetings.

Western Telegraph:

Anyone interested in purchase a piece should contact the group on their Facebook page by searching Haverfordwest Yarn Bombers.