Save time by going online.

That’s the message from Pembrokeshire County Council as calls to the Authority’s Contact Centre rise.

Calls have increased as lockdown has eased, services have re-opened and the summer visitor season begins.

To reduce the pressure on the Contact Centre, residents and visitors are reminded that a wealth of information is available at

Anyone with a question or requiring information on a Council service is asked to consult the website in the first instance.

Residents can find out more about service changes by visiting which is regularly updated as and when council services are unlocked.

Online booking is also available for appointments at the Council’s six Waste and Recycling Centres (WRCs).

The booking form and much more information on visiting the WRCs safely are available at

Those planning a visit to the WRCs can also cancel, if necessary, via the emailed confirmation.

County residents are also encouraged to sign up to the My Account online service, which enables customers to save time by contacting the Council from home in their own time.

More than 46,000 people have signed up to My Account so far which enables access to over 100 services online.

These include paying council tax, paying for school dinners, reporting broken street-lights, plus much more.

Register or login to My Account by visiting