PEMBROKESHIRE County Council leader, Councillor David Simpson, has said that the authority is working to combat problems such as wild camping and anti-social behaviour as visitor numbers to the county increase.

"Pembrokeshire is seeing an increase in visitor numbers, as can be expected during our summer season. Over the next few weeks, we envisage even higher numbers of visitors arriving," he said during his weekly briefing.

'However, this summer season is a long way from our normal – and due to restrictions we all have to adjust and keep working together.

'I am very pleased to see and hear how our operational teams, such as parking, cleansing, leisure service and the visitor welcome staff, are supporting the increased footfall in our communities.

'I also appreciate that some issues, such as wild camping and anti-social behaviour, are causing concerns. I want to assure you all that we are collectively working with our partners to tackle these problems."

Cllr Simpson said he was very pleased to see the economy moving forward but people needed always to be mindful of acting responsibly during this recovery period.

With this in mind the authority is increasing waste collection services and enforcing litter laws. Increasing the cleaning of public toilets and, where appropriate, extending their opening hours.

It is also ensuring the visitor welcome teams are visible providing advice and encouraging social distancing and stepping-up traffic management patrols to target wild camping and illegal parking.

The authority is reviewing and setting up more social distancing measures in Pembrokeshire's town centres and is working with local hospitality businesses to increase capacity through café culture.

Over the weekend the authority's public protection teams visited businesses to provide support, advice and - if necessary - take appropriate enforcement action

All of this work is being co-ordinated from the operational room based at County Hall

"I want to assure everyone that our aim is to create a safe environment for visitors and local communities alike. Officers are working very hard across the county," said Cllr Simpson.

"I want to thank all our staff that are out and about – the workers at the coal face who are doing a fantastic job, as they always do. Thank you very much.

"We need your support to deliver a safe Pembrokeshire by taking personal responsibility and ensuring you are all familiar and complying with the Covid-19 regulations as they apply in Wales.

"So please Team Pembrokeshire keep going, keep strong and collectively we can rebuild our county."