FISHGUARD has the best beaches in Wales, according to research done by the Solar Centre.

The centre took a complete list of every seaside resort in the UK, ones with listings in all three categories of Trip Advisor made it to the definitive list.

Ratings from Google reviews for beaches were then used to determine the best beaches.

Fishguard ranked top in Wales for beaches, scoring ten out of ten.

It was rated above Tenby, Saundersfoot and the Gower.

Fishguard came fifth in Wales for chippies and second for parking prices and tenth overall.

The study from The Solar Centre examined 91 seaside resorts across the UK, using statistical analysis on ten different data points.

The centre collected the latest scientific and crowdsourced data for seven different factors that are important for a perfect day at the beach. You can view the full interactive here.

"While it is necessary to try and return the economy to a healthy state and keep tourism strong in the UK, it is also crucial that we take care when planning holidays," said Brian Davenport, Director of The Solar Centre.

"When choosing to take a trip to the beach, we must ensure the safety of others and act in a responsible way."