Pembroke Haven Residential Home will reopen to outside visitors tomorrow, after temporarily closing when a staff member received a false positive coronavirus test.

The Pembroke Dock home announced yesterday evening (Monday, August 10), that the staff member had been retested and received a negative result.

In a statement released by the home, a spokesperson said: "Having been contacted by Public Health Wales and reviewing all the information to hand, we are pleased to announce that outside visits for clients can re-commence from tomorrow (Wednesday, August 12)."

However, the home has put measures in place to ensure the coronavirus does not spread.

The home asks that you:

  • Contact the home to arrange an appointment before turning up, as the staff have to ensure the client is ready for the visit. Visit numbers will be limited to ensure the staff on duty are not overwhelmed and visits are not compromising the care of others.
  • Limit visitors to 2 people at a time for a max of 30 minutes (if possible).
  • Practice social distancing from the clients at all times.

The spokesperson added: "We are sorry but we will not be able to offer any visitors refreshments and we do not have any toilet facilities available for their use."