WORK has started on improving Pembroke’s Mill Pond today, August 13, with an impressive piece of machinery taking to the water.

Western Telegraph:

Following public concern about Pembroke Mill Pond, Pembroke Town Council, working with Pembrokeshire County Council and the Pembroke Environment & Mill Pond Group, secured a grant for works.

Pembroke Town Council has previously said: “Working closely with Natural Resources Wales, The Wildlife Trust and Crown Estates, the grant will enable much-needed work to be carried out on the pond, one of Pembroke's greatest assets.

“This will include, the removal of the algae blooms, cutting back of the reeds, installing a new dipping platform, building silt traps and a field study and management plan for the future management of the site.

“The first stage of the project will be the removal of the algae blooms which will take place in August, followed by the cutting back of the reeds and the removal of some invasive aquatic plants to take place at the end of September.

“While this work takes place, there will be some disruption at the Mill Pond, but we will endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum.

“Pembroke Town Council would like to thank all users of the site in advance for your co-operation with this project.”

Video: Martin Lewis.