THE demolition of the old Neyland Athletic Club begins today (Thursday, August 13) as it makes way for the town’s new community hub.

Over the years the old club has hosted a number of functions including weddings, dinners and public meetings and the town’s football, rugby and cricket teams have also used the building.

Several well-known figures have also graced the club including iconic rugby referee Nigel Owens and All Blacks legend Zinzan Brooke.

The building will make way for the brand-new community hub which will be home to Neyland Town Council and a library.

Many of the items from the old club have been moved into the new building while any unwanted items were given away to anyone who wanted them.

Jonny Sutton said: “It's been fun to run the club for the last few years in trying circumstances. I've been involved with the club since I was 10 years old playing rugby for the All Blacks.

“The building holds so many memories and stories and is a massive part of most Neyland people's lives over the past 60 years (not sure of exact date it opened)

“It's served the Town well and we all hope the new building will serve the community in the same way for the next 50 to 100 years.”