CHANGES to two planning conditions at a south county caravan park led to a lengthy discussions about car parking, footpaths, ancient monument access and unit size.

Technical difficulties stalled Tuesday’s (September 8) virtual committee but once proceedings restarted councillors discussed an application related to Heritage Park, Pleasant Valley.

The park owners want to alter conditions that limited new caravans to single units, with twin units to be allowed, and whether new caravans could be occupied before a car park was relocated.

The committee voted to defer its decision for a site visit.

Existing planning is in place for 29 new caravans at the park bringing the park’s total of 132 units available.

Objectors to the application included Amroth Community Council and the Stepaside and Pleasant Valley Residents’ Group.

Community Council chairman Cllr Stephen Phillips said that residents were concerned about the effect the proposal will have on their “quality of life and amenity of the park.”

He added that residents had used a car park near the ancient monument adjacent and footpaths for more than 20 years.

Agent Helen Ashby-Ridgway said that issues raised were not relevant to the application adding the park was a “private business and there are public rights of way in the vicinity but it’s not a country park".

The committee were also told that the community council had submitted an application relating to public footpaths being included on the county council’s definitive list and a separate planning application for Heritage Park including holiday lodge bases, spa facilities, and equestrian areas.

On behalf of the residents group Alec Cormack said that the condition asking to be changed related directly to visual impact and the planning report was “at worst misleading".

He also disagreed with the planning agent statement that the caravans permitted could be the size of bases approved stating that the full condition limited the caravans to 14 wide.

Questions were raised about the delegation of previous planning consents at the park and the lease it has with Pembrokeshire County Council, due for discussion at cabinet on Monday, September 14.