A PIECE of Milford Haven’s association with the energy industry will end when Dragon LNG’s Cogen stack at Waterston is demolished on Sunday afternoon, September 20.

The demolition of the stack, unused since the Cogeneration plant ceased operation in November 2018, will take place at 2pm.

During the COGEN refurbishment in 2007 all asbestos contamination was removed.

As a reminder, sirens will be sounded for one minute at 1.45pm, 10 seconds at 1.58pm. and a warning shot fired 30 seconds before demolition inside the exclusion zone, 300 metres from the centre of the stack.

The only road to be closed is leading from the mini roundabout to the site and Newton Hall.

Once deemed safe, a clean-up operation will commence. Road sweepers and pressure washers will be deployed to all required areas, inside and outside the site.

Comprehensive contingency plans are in place, in the unlikely event that something unforeseen occurs.

Dragon LNG Communications Coordinator Lynette Round said: “A controlled demolition, using explosive methods will be carried out by demolition specialists Robinson and Birdsell Ltd, who have vast experience in this type of demolition and an excellent safety record.

“From the detonation of explosives, sounding like the loudest firework at an event, it will take approximately 10-15 seconds for the chimney stack to impact the floor.”

Pet owners are advised to follow whatever precautions you would take for Guy Fawkes night and do what you feel is right for your animals.

Following demolition, there will be dust, anticipated to settle in approximately 10 minutes.

The local community is advised to close windows and take in any washing.

Spectators are advised to keep their distance.

“For safety reasons, we request all spectators stay away from the site and do not block any local roads. Please be considerate to the Waterston residents, keeping the main through road clear.

“At all times, Please stay outside of the exclusion zone.”

Fog and high winds may affect the demolition.

If the fog is thick and the safety observers are unable to see their areas, or if the wind speed is in excess of 40 mph, this may cause the postponement of the demolition to later in the day or another date.