A “hard-working” Pembroke woman died after falling down the stairs at home, a coroner’s court has heard.

Helen Thomas, 55, died while after falling down the stairs while carrying a box.

At an inquest on Thursday, August 27, Maggie Julien, the acting coroner’s officer, detailed the events that lead up to Ms Thomas’ death.

The court heard that Ms Thomas had worked at Withybush Hospital for over 30 years, having initially started in the X-ray department.

"She was always professional and punctual in work and was very good at her job," Ms Julien said.

Adding: "Helen was hard working, and to her, work was work, and she did keep her home life private."

Ms Julien said the loss of her father had been a great shock for Ms Thomas, and she took time off work.

The last time Ms Thomas’ colleagues saw her on Friday, April 17, they described her as being in good spirits.

The coroner’s officer said: "Helen appeared in good spirits especially recently Helen has been described as thriving at the challenges which her department have faced during Covid and this had brought out the best in her."

Ms Thomas and her brother, Dr Thomas, maintained daily contact since the death of their father. After messaging her about the cricket, her brother did not receive a reply.

On Sunday evening, April 19, Dr Thomas tried messaging again, and on Monday realised his messages had not been read.

After calling Withybush he was informed Ms Thomas had not turned up for work.

A colleague at Withybush called the police, who found Ms Thomas deceased at the bottom of her stairs.

"The attending officers' hypothesis is that Ms Thomas was carrying a box down the stairs and then had taken a fall," Ms Julien said.

Reading a toxicology report, Paul Bennett, the acting senior coroner for Pembrokeshire, said a significant amount of ethanol was found in Ms Thomas' blood, alongside paracetamol and codeine, at levels consistent with therapeutic use.

Recording his conclusion, Mr Bennett said: "I find that the deceased died on April 20, 2020, at her home address following an unwitnessed fall and I, therefore, record a conclusion of accidental death."