BOTH Tenby lifeboats were in action late last night (Monday September 14) to rescue a yacht grounded amongst rocks on Caldey Island.

The lifeboats were launched at 10.40pm following a call to the coastguard from an elderly yacht owner.

He stated that he had gone aground amongst rocks at Sandtop Bay on Caldey Island after his anchor dragged.

The volunteer crew made made best speed to Caldey where they found the vessel grounded and being hit by waves.

The inshore lifeboat made their way through the swell and put a crew member aboard the yacht. Luckily, the skipper of the vessel had suffered no injuries.

With the tide too low to take the stricken vessel off immediately, the lifeboat crew stood by and prepared the tow line, which was passed aboard the casualty vessel as soon as there was enough water around it.

The yacht was then slowly pulled off the beach through the breaking waves, avoiding rocks and towed to Tenby, where it was placed on the lifeboat outer moorings.

The lifeboats then returned to station, arriving at 1.35am.