IT has been reported that Mr Ian Westley has been given a settlement of £95,000.

It is understood that this settlement has been made in accordance with the settlement agreement dated September 1.

I am sure all ratepayers would like to know why this large payment should be awarded,

bearing in mind that the money comes indirectly from the ratepayers themselves. I would query why this settlement was ever approved and by whom.

I am sure Mr Westley has done a good job but we should all remember that he has been paid to do so. This applies to most of us who have all done our best in our jobs.

There is another concern about this settlement to Mr Westley.

Could this set a precedent in the future?

I would wish to know exactly what has been written into this agreement and by whom.

A copy of this settlement should be made available for the public to scrutinise and be able to have a voice in this matter, I will respectfully request the council to send me a copy of this agreement,

In my view there should be a public enquiry into what has transpired and as taxpayers we are entitled to one; I am sure everything is in order.


Pembroke Dock