ASYLUM seekers will be arriving in Pembrokeshire 'from as early as next week', a Welsh politician has stated.

Senedd member Eluned Morgan has voiced concern at the lack of consultation with local communities over the proposed use of Penally Training Camp for up to 250 people by the UK Government.

Ms Morgan, who is also minister for international relations in the Welsh Government, confirmed that the Welsh Government 'received no prior notification of the decision taken by the Home Office' but that she had been engaged in discussions this week to seek clarity on plans and to relay the concerns of her constituents in relation to the suitability of the location.

Ms Morgan, who is MS for Mid and West Wales said: “The decision to select Penally Training Camp was taken solely by the Home Office without any prior discussion with Welsh or local government. I am concerned also at the lack of consultation with the local community. I would hope the local MP will take this up with his cabinet colleagues in Westminster.

“In my discussions, I have asserted that the UK Government must provide proper resources to Pembrokeshire Council, the NHS and Police to support those asylum seekers who will be arriving from as early as next week.

“Initially, Welsh Government was told that 454 people would be placed in Pembrokeshire. However, the Welsh Government has been clear with the Home Office that the site must be Covid-19 secure limiting the number of refugees who will be temporarily housed at Penally to 250.

“The UK has an international obligation to support people fleeing war and persecution. Within that context, I am proud that Wales has been clear about how we will step up to that commitment as a nation of sanctuary.

"We have seen in Pembrokeshire how the local community has come together to help resettle people from Syria. Whilst recognising that there are concerns, I know that most Pembrokeshire people will be supportive of providing a safe haven in Wales and we will not tolerate the small minded minority who are seeking to use genuine concerns for their own personal hate-filled agendas.”

Speaking earlier this week, Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire MP Simon Hart said that the site was 'under active consideration' to be used for accommodation for asylum seekers, but the UK Government would not give confirmation.