The rescue of a father and daughter in serious danger on their kayaks off Ramsey Island will feature in BBC Two’s Saving Lives at Sea programme at 8pm this evening (Thursday).

Chris Coley and his 18 year-old-daughter Molly Basson were rescued by St Davids volunteer crew in September last year.

The pair set off from Porthclais before crossing to Ramsey Island as part of an eighteenth birthday treat for Molly.

As they were heading back from Ramsey to the mainland the pair found themselves in difficulty, battling a strong current and trying to find an entrance between rocks and closer to the coast.

"At this point I had no power left in my arms," Molly told the Western Telegraph shortly after the incident.

“We got into calmer water right by the rocks and were holding onto each other's kayaks trying to get our energy back.

"Dad told me to let go as he could feel that he was going to flip over. His kayak flipped and then I flipped.

"I went under the kayak and was under the water for quite a long time. I managed to pull myself up but was getting dragged back in again. A little voice in my head told me to lie on my back and kick my legs."

Molly managed to get back over to her dad and onto the rocks, however the sea was getting rougher.

"The tide was on the turn," explained Molly. "The water was getting higher and the swell was picking up. It was like being in a washing machine. I said to dad 'we're going to have to call for help'."

The pair had their phones in waterproof pouches and dialled the coastguard. Unsure of their location they were able to pull up maps on their phones and give their coordinates.

The pair were evacuated from the rocks by Saint Davids All Weather Lifeboat’s Y boat.

"I didn't think I was going to die but I did think I was going to get hurt. I had nightmares after for quite a long time, thinking about the worse that could have happened," said Molly. "I'm eternally grateful to the crew and can't thank them enough."

Saving Lives at Sea is on BBC Two at 8pm this evening.