Haverfordwest Town Council has agreed to fund additional emergency work to the Lower Prendergast Cemetery boundary wall.

At a recent meeting, the council heard that builders had discovered additional work was needed to the wall while carrying out repairs.

Councillor Chris Evans, who had been to visit the work, detailed what he had seen.

Cllr Evans said the section that needed emergency work was similar to the an area of wall recently repaired.

He added: “But in this instance, the ivy had not been removed ahead of the work, which we had done the first time around, and they discovered that as they took the ivy away there were whole sections of stonework hanging out of the wall where the roots had pushed the stone out over time.”

Cllr Chris Evans said he believed they’d had already had a collapse within a day of removing the ivy.

He said the builders were concerned because they had found drinks cartons and other signs that children had been on the scaffolding.

Town clerk, Juliet Raymond said the additional spend would be £3,435.

She added that the builder had also asked if the council wanted a fence, which has been part repaired, completed as well, quoting £485.

Cllr Stella Hooper recommended supporting the additional funding ‘given that it is an emergency’.

The council agreed to fund the fence and emergency work.