Colleagues at a Pembrokeshire power station have raised over £10K for worthy local and national causes.

A new initiative by the Power outage team at Pembroke Power Station saw £10,300 raised for the NHS (National Covid Response) and Get the Boys a Lift.

‘Coins’ were awarded to individuals and teams who demonstrated positive safety behaviour on site throughout June, July and August.

Members of the team were encouraged to actively engage with newly implemented Covid-19 site safety procedures through activities and games.

The money raised by the outage team will be split evenly between the two causes.

Ryan Evans, managing/fundraising director at GTBAL, said: “The money generated will help us to fund our free drop-in centre, which we use to provide support for people in the community.

“Our place provides somewhere for people to pop in for a coffee and someone to chat to about anything that may be bothering them.

“If people need to see a counsellor, your donations will pay for this.

“The money you’ve raised will pay for nearly 150 hours of counselling, helping many people work through their issues.”

Get the Boys a Lift is a local charity which runs a free drop-in centre to help improve mental health within the community as well as those further afield.

Richard Little, Pembroke Power Station manager said: “The money raised by our dedicated team at Pembroke Power Station is testament to their commitment to the raising of safety standards and to giving back to those within their community.”