A replacement house 50 per cent bigger in size on Solva’s High Street is recommended for approval by Pembrokeshire Coast National Park officers.

Members of the park’s development management committee deferred an application for a replacement dwelling and ancillary potting shed at Porth y Rhaw, 22 High Street, from last month’s meeting so they could visit the site.

A Conservation Area consent is also being considered with a planning report stating that the heavily altered cottage “does not contribute positively to the character and appearance of the Solva Conservation Area.”

Solva Community Council raised concerns about the size of the property and a questioned if a 50 per cent increase in size was suitable for a mid-terrace plot.

Traffic and privacy were also raised as issues, with amendments to the design of the window overcoming some of the concerns, the report adds.

At next week’s committee meeting on October 21 the application is recommended for approval subject to a number of conditions.