We all like spinning a yarn on Hallowe’en -- but only the Haverfordwest Yarn Bombers are taking that literally.

Haverfordwest has turned into a real knit of the living dead after the town was given a spooktacular makeover, featuring ghosts, ghouls and, of course, plenty of pumpkins.

Some of Hallowe’en’s top film characters have also made an appearance this year, including Pennywise from It, Sally and Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride.

Western Telegraph:

Sally Williams, who runs the group, said the group does the yarn bombs for the town.

“We do this for the town, to make people feel happy, and maybe go into the shops and spend a little bit of money," she said

“But this year it also means a lot to members of our group during this strange time.

Western Telegraph:

“We have quite a lot of people in the group who are isolated, often due to their age, and you can tell they want to be busy.

“We’ve already sold some bits and to have the support of the town behind us is fantastic.”

Western Telegraph:

The yarn-bombers have been covering the town in colourful displays every year since 2015.

Working in secret, the group leads a covert operation, never announcing when a new display will go up.

Western Telegraph:

Ms Williams said the group was now made up between 24 and 30 people, with the oldest member aged 91.

All the pieces are up for sale, with funds going towards the next yarn-bomb.

Anyone interested in purchase a piece should contact the group on their Facebook page at bit.ly/HwestYarnBombers