Pembrokeshire County Council aims to move towards a hybrid model of public meetings early next year.

Plans for meetings to be held using a mix of remote attendees and some councillors and officers in the council chamber have been discussed and Public-i, which supports the council’s webcasting, commissioned to identified the required hardware and IT provision.

A survey of members, included in a report to the democratic services committee on October 15, saw nine responses the majority of which were positive about the remote system although there were some concerns about digital access as well as it not being a substitute for meeting in person.

The council chamber would be limited to 13 seats due to social distancing measures and the capacity of County Hall, currently at 30 per cent, would also be a consideration.

Cllr Jamie Adams put forward a recommendation that the committee indicates its desire to move to a hybrid model “ as soon as practicable, appropriate and safe” with the aim being that it be in place for full council on February 25.

This was agreed be the committee with further discussions on the criteria for who will attend in person to be decided, with digital access and relevance to the agenda included in considerations.

Cllr Paul Rapi added that the hybrid model “works very well for the National Assembly and it could work for us.”

A further report to the meeting highlighted the council’s position as “early adopters” of the webcasting of a full cycle of council meetings from May, including scrutiny committees.