Two bladder scanners have been bought for Withybush Hospital, thanks to a £14,000 donation from the hospital’s League of Friends.

The two scanners are a huge boost for Ward 12 and in the Adult Clinical Decisions Unit (ACDU).

They are non-invasive, painless and simple to use and help with the early detection of bladder problems, reducing the risk of infection.

Ward 12 Senior Sister Alison Howells said they were very grateful to Withybush General Hospital League of Friends for their donation to enable the equipment to be bought.

“As a team, we are delighted with our new bladder scanners,” said Alison.

“These scanners help us to detect problems, reduce the risk of infection and maintain the dignity of our patients.”

Bob Longland, chairman of the League of Friends, said they were pleased to be able to donate £14,000 to Withybush Hospital to enable the bladder scanners to be purchased.

“It’s a difficult time for the NHS and we wanted to help,” said Bob.

“We asked what was needed and both wards said these scanners would make a big difference, so we went ahead and funded them.”

Withybush General Hospital League of Friends started in 1951 and has raised well over £1m for the hospital in that time, paying for equipment and ward refurbishments over and above what the NHS is able to provide.

The League of Friends currently has 30 members.