MILFORD Haven Town Council has agreed to give an extra £3000 to the fund set up by Milford Haven police.

The Milford Haven working together group has been given £10,000 from the police and crime commissioner while the Port of Milford Haven and South Hook LNG have also put money forward.

The Town Council’s money takes the group’s total to £21,300.

Community groups across Milford Haven are being encouraged to apply for funding from the pot to help improve the town.

Application forms can be found online or at Milford Haven Police station and these need to be completed by November 6.

So far, over 30 application forms have been picked up, but it is unclear how many others have downloaded forms off the Facebook page.

At a meeting of the Town Council on Monday, October 26, Councillor Guy Woodham said they had made a decision at the previous meeting to support if they could legally do so and, having had confirmation, proposed that they contribute £3000 to the fund.

The closing date of November 6 was questioned by some who asked if it would be extended.

Cllr Colin Sharp said that as an outside company was involved the date for decision making would remain as November 28.

He added that as long as people get their application forms by November 6, there would be an extension to allow some people to create a video to go with their application.