THE head chef at a restaurant in Milford Haven is offering free meals to people in the town during the Welsh fire-break.

James Lampert, who works at COCO’s, which was forced to close for the fire-break, has been given support of the owners to carry on making meals for those who need it the most.

James said he had been ‘inspired’ by the campaign led by Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford for free school meals in England over half-term.

An initial post on Facebook gained over 1200 shares and James said that they have had an ‘overwhelming response’ from the people of Milford Haven and beyond.

“The owners of COCO's Milford Haven have been really supportive and have generously allowed me and my chefs to use the kitchen to prep as many food packages as we can in these two weeks”, he added.

“Our aim has been to ameliorate the circumstances of people in the area who are struggling due to pandemic-related issues by supplementing local charities and initiatives in order to fill in gaps in support.”

James and his second chef, Martha Cobes, are offering freshly prepared meals for anyone in the Milford Haven area who needs one.

They are also offering essentials such as milk, bread, and treats for the kids and will be doing so until the end of the Welsh fire-break.

Although it is just the two of them doing the cooking James said they have had numerous offers of help.

James added: “Unfortunately, it’s difficult to have too many in the kitchen with the current Covid restrictions, but we are managing to fulfil the current demand.”

Anyone who would like to order a meal should contact James on his Facebook page and once they are ready, he will deliver them.