TOGETHER for Change, Pembrokeshire's independent partnership programme lead by Solva Care, has secured a £94,888 grant from The National Lottery Community Fund Wales.

Together for Change is a partnership programme bringing together public organisations, voluntary groups and charities to develop and protect the future of community-led action in Pembrokeshire to keep people safe and well.

The project is run by the local charity Solva Care, working closely with the established county - wide support organisations Pavs and Planed.

Solva Care trustee, Sue Denman, spokesperson for the programme explained:

"Community groups have always been crucial to the health and wellbeing of the population, but Covid-19 has shown just how important they are by adapting quickly and creatively to meet recent challenges, which have been extreme.

"An amazing number of new groups have also emerged, adding to and filling the gaps in support across the county.

"Solva Care, Pavs and Planed are delighted to have received this National Lottery grant.

"We will use it to support local communities by ensuring that they have a voice in decision making, by helping to share good practice and providing mentoring.

"This will help to leave a positive legacy from the impact of Covid-19."

Andrew Owen, head of funding at The National Lottery Community Fund in Wales added:

"Interest in community groups is higher than it has ever been, and Together For Change is ideally placed to support groups to grow and connect, making the third and public sector in Pembrokeshire more effective.

"National Lottery players raise £30 million each week for good causes throughout the UK and this grant is one of many we have given to amazing groups across Wales."