A STORAGE cage built outside CKs in St Davids is causing traffic and coronavirus concerns among local residents.

The cage was erected last month and it is understood that it will be used to store pallets of logs, kindling and other items outside the shop.

However, locals say the intrusion of the cage into the car parking spaces means that large vehicles now overhang the pavement in an already congested area, forcing pedestrians out onto the road.

John Williams, operations manager, for St Davids lifeboat, said that the route is used by parents and children on the way to school as well as the elderly. Because of the one way system, the traffic is often coming from behind them.

Mr Williams is also concerned about the effect of the cage on the previously effective social distancing measures that have been employed at the store.

"This was in the area that was used for queuing during the summer, as Covid-19 control measures were required because of the sheer numbers of visitors," he said.

"It proved to be a really good process of controlling the numbers entering the store and provided the right level of separation at the entry point. Thus, providing safety for both locals and tourists."

He added that when locals saw the posts for the cage going up, they thought that Nisa was building a shelter to protect customers from the elements when they were queuing.

"Covid-19 has not gone away and visitors will be back to St Davids - therefore what control measures are going to be put into place as one queuing side has been removed?" he asked.

"What Covid -19 risk assessment has been conducted to now warrant the change of the control methods for entry and exit that were used during the peak elements of the tourist season?

"The general feeling over this issue is not good," he added. "The amazing staff from this store have also received a backlashing over this."

The Western Telegraph has contacted both Nisa and CKs head offices several times about these concerns but had not received a response at the time of going to press.