A REMEMBRANCE Day service to remember those who lost their lives on the SS St Patrick on June 13, 1941, took place onboard the Stena Europe yesterday (Sunday).

An onboard service takes place every year, usually with members of the local Sea Cadets, Sea Scouts, Army Cadets and British Legion attending.

Because of Wales' firebreak lockdown, this was not possible this year, but the crew of the ship still gathered on the deck of the Stena Europe during its crossing from Fishguard to Rosslare to hold the ceremony.

The SS St Patrick was a passenger and mail ferry that was bombed by the German Luftwaffe during the Second World War en-route from Rosslare Harbour to Fishguard.

The bomb struck her fuel tanks around 20km from the port of Fishguardand set them on fire. The ship broke in half and sank within minutes, with 30 crew members and passengers losing their lives.

As well as laying a wreath at sea and lowering the flag to half mast, crew members read a poem by Fishguard sea cadet, 11 year-old Oliver Bean, which came runner up in a Sea Cadets poetry competition.

You can read Oliver's poem below:

Remember Them

I stand there in my Uniform,

I stand there with pride,

My mum stands not far from me,

She has tears in her eyes.

We come together to remember,

To remember all the wars,

We can't imagine what they went through, We can't imagine what they saw.

I wear my poppy on my chest,

To remember those who are laid to rest,

My hands are cold my feet are sore,

But we stay to remember those that died in the war.