SOLVA Community Council is still planning to hold the village's senior citizens' Christmas Lunch, using a different and socially-distanced format.

A spokesperson for the council said that it was decided that the event was too important to cancel.

"In this very different world, it was inevitable that some thought would have to be given to whether a Christmas lunch would be held this year," said the spokesperson.

"The council agreed that this was too important a feature of the Solva calendar to let go, even though there are significant challenges."

To accommodate coronavirus precautions, this year's Christmas lunch will be held over three sittings, with a maximum of 20 people at each, in Solva's Memorial Hall.

The lunch will take place on Saturday, December 5. The first sitting will be from midday until 2pm; the second sitting from 3 until 5pm, and the third sitting (if required) from 7 until 9pm.

Food will be freshly prepared, and diners will sit socially distanced with no more than six in a bubble. There will also be tables for couples and singles.

"By holding separate sittings, we can make sure the hall is properly cleaned to keep diners safe," said the spokesperson.

"So if you are over 65 years old and fancy a social meal at this festive time please fill in a form at Bay View Stores - you will have to say who you are dining with and at which sitting. We hope to serve our more senior residents first."

Residents can also order a lunch to be delivered, this can also be specified on the form.