A jealous ex-partner spent £800 on phones to send messages from fake accounts.

Lewis Andrew Hodgson, of The Clicketts, Tenby, appeared at Haverfordwest magistrates on Tuesday, November 10, having previously pleaded guilty to harassment.

Dennis Davies, prosecuting, said Hodgson, 28, had ended his relationship with the victim, but continued to contact her and became jealous when men ‘liked’ her social media posts.

The woman blocked Hodgson from various social media sites, but he created a number of fake profiles to send her messages.

The court heard that Hodgson spent around £800 on mobile phones which he broke and threw away after using them to send numerous messages to the victim, between June 23 and October 15.

He was also seen going through the village as she took her children to and from school.

Mike Kelleher, defending, said Hodgson had obsessive compulsive disorder and was receiving professional support.

“The compulsive nature of this offence is being addressed by him and his family. He realises what he was doing was wrong.

“The family have been taking him under their wing and doing what they can to address the situation.”

Mr Kelleher added it was likely Hodgson would lose his job as a result of the conviction.

Magistrates ordered Hodgson to pay £260 in a fine, costs and surcharge.

The bench also imposed a two-year community order with a 20-day rehabilitation activity and a building better relationship course.

A 24-month restraining order was imposed prohibiting Hodgson from contacting the victim.

The chairman of the bench said: “We are concerned at the number of times that you made contact.”