FISHGUARD and District Round Table has raised nearly £4,000 for Children in Need as a result of its socially distanced toll bridge and turbo trainer bike ride.

On Friday, November 13, from 7am until 5pm, tablers stationed themselves in Lowertown, Fishguard, as they do every year, to man the Children in Need toll bridge. This year's efforts were slightly different in order to make the event coronavirus safe.

Tablers stopped the traffic to take donations from motorists using nets in order to maintain a safe social distance.

Each tabler also had his own collecting bucket to avoid cross- contamination and the money was left for 72 hours before counting.

Tablers also decided to recreate their 2016 cycle ride from Limerick to Fishguard on a static bike stationed in Lowertown.

They completed shifts on the turbo trainer bike, sanitising it thoroughly in between and successfully covered 124 miles in just a day, with Pudsey completing the final shift to take the group over the virtual finish line.

"We can now confirm that we have raised a total of £3,800 with some small totals to be added," said a Round Table spokeperson.

"We would like to send our thanks to the people of Fishguard and district and everyone who contributed to donating to the total."

The group also thanked Cresswell's Cafe and the Ship Inn, Lowertown, for feeding members during the long day of fundraising.