Campaigners searching for a Welsh springer spaniel, missing for more than a year, say they are determined to continue the search for her, despite her story being dropped from a popular television series this week.

Jacqueline and Hefin George, of New Moat, first noticed three-year-old Mabli was missing from their farm on the afternoon of October 28, 2019.

It is believed the three-year-old bitch was stolen. She was in season when she disappeared. With a litter of pups she would be valued at around £5,000.

However, to her owners Mabli is priceless. Since her disappearance they have maintained a high-profile campaign to find their much-loved missing pet and offered a substantial reward for her safe return. Their story was due to be featured as part of an article about theft from farms on S4C's Ffermio this week.

The spots on Mabli's face are unique to her as is the small pink patch at the side of her nostril and members of the Bring Mabli Home Facebook group are still determined to continue their search for her, despite the lack of television coverage.

"We have just been notified by Ffermio that, due to tight scheduling times, they will not now be featuring Mabli's story in the programme," they said on Monday.

"To say that we are very disappointed would be a huge understatement. We felt that this coverage could have helped a lot in our quest to find Mabli.

"Thank you to everyone for your kind messages and comments. We will keep going, with or without help."

An S4C spokesperson said that the production company involved was initially going to use photos and Facebook posts of Mabli, as her owner was to distressed to be interviewed on film.

However, another dog owner in similar circumstances was willing to be filmed, so they used her story instead.

"They contacted Mabli’s owner out of courtesy to explain that they wouldn’t need to use the posts," she said. "I’m sorry for the disappointment."