There are just THREE days to get your entries in for the Western Telegraph’s Health and Care Awards, where we champion the very best of people and establishments within the sector across west Wales.

There are 14 awards that include Came Home, GP Practice, Nurse and Pharmacy of the Year to name a few.

Each award is sponsored by local businesses, schools, and charities that are very passionate about supporting people within health and social care.

Pembrokeshire College is one of those sponsors and offers both full and part-time health and social care and childcare courses from entry level through to levels 1, 2 and 3, and also Foundation Degree and Access Programmes to those wishing to return to study and Higher Education.

The college additionally offers a wide range of apprenticeship and other work-based provision, bringing learning to the learner in the workplace - all ages and all abilities. To find out more about the courses available visit

We spoke to Wendy Weber, Head of Faculty for health and social care at Pembrokeshire College, to answer a few questions about the up-and-coming awards, as the school is sponsoring the Together We Achieve More award.

Why do you think it is so important for people within Health and Social Care to be recognised for all the hard work that they do?

Employees in the health and social care sector have been in the news every day since CoviD-19 reared its ugly head. Not a day goes by without a story of their good humour, ingenuity in keeping their clients happy and cared for, and their sheer hard work hitting our headlines. It has taken a pandemic to recognise just how valuable these people are to us all.

As a judge and sponsor, what are you looking for from nominees to be worthy of winning the Together We Achieve award?

We are looking to award a person or persons who has/have realised that partnerships and collaborative approaches are often the quickest way to achieve success. This award recognises those who have put this into practice and shared resources, ideas, or time for the benefit of others.

Why did you decide to sponsor the Together We Achieve More award?

As a college we work hard to encourage our young people to consider others in everything that they do and to work as a team. It is, therefore, important for the college to recognise others in our community who are working collaboratively for a common end goal.

Why should people get involved and nominate those who offer a helping hand?

Even before Covid, society has become increasingly distant from friends and neighbours through so much time spent on social media platforms. Real life is passing some of us by, so it is more important than ever to highlight ‘life’ going on around us. We need to show that this cannot happen without everyone getting involved. Support is needed everywhere and one day we may also need a helping hand.

To nominate a worth team in our up and coming Health and Care Awards, simply fill in the form at

The closing date for entries is Sunday, November 22.