TRANSPORT for Wales (TfW) staff will be taking part in a special challenge to help raise money for children living on the streets in the UK, India and Africa.

Staff will be doing a 5-5-5 challenge which will see them run, walk, hop, swim or cycle 5km for the charity the Railway Children.

They will take part in a weeklong challenge, known as Rail Aid, from Sunday, November 22 to Friday, November 27.

It brings together the railway family of train operators, Network Rail, British Transport Police, suppliers, businesses around the rail network and anyone with an interest in the railway.

Rail Aid has been set up to help the Railway Children charity to give life-changing support to street children in the UK, India and Africa.

As well as their 5k, staff will be donating £5 and nominating 5 people to continue the challenge.

The aim is to cover the distance of the entire TfW network, which covers more than 1,700KM, and contribute to Rail Aid’s wider aim of covering the whole of the UK network.

Colleagues will also be holding local raffles virtually, with Transport for Wales Rail Services committing to match fund the amount raised.

People and Engagement Director Marie Daly said: “While the last year has transformed all our lives, we know that as an organisation we have to rally round to support the hardest hit in the communities we serve.

“Rail Aid brings together so much passion and support from every corner of our network as well as fitting in with the values at the heart of Transport for Wales to be fair, positive and connected.

“We are delighted to be able to match fund the terrific efforts of our colleagues and would very much welcome our customers supporting us in reaching our distance goal.”

Every year thousands of children across the UK, India and East Africa run away or are forced to leave homes that have become unbearable through poverty, abuse, violence and neglect.

Reaching a child as soon as possible is crucial to getting to children on the streets before an abuser can, and before they become entrenched in street life.

Railway Children race to get to children before the streets get to them.