PEMBROKESHIRE County Council Leader, Councillor David Simpson, has reminded members of the public to be cautious if they go out this weekend.

Cllr Simpson said he wanted to reinforce the messages from the Welsh Government in the wake of businesses re-opening after the recent fire-break lockdown.

He said: “With this in mind, it can be tempting to go back to our old way of life. It might feel awkward, but saying no to a friend or opting to stay home could keep us safe. Let's think about what we should do, rather than what we can do.

“There are good reasons why we can meet friends in regulated settings, but not in our own homes or gardens. The more places we go and people we meet, the greater our risk of catching or spreading coronavirus.

“If you choose to go out this weekend, remember:

• go to less-crowded places

• stick to the same small group

• keep your stay short and keep your distance

• wash your hands and wear a mask.

“And if you do start showing coronavirus symptoms, it’s important to isolate and to book a test. Stay home until your test results are back and, if they’re positive, keep isolating. A team of contact tracers will be in touch.

“Always ask yourself: is this journey essential? Do I need to do this? Is there a safer alternative? The fewer places we go and the fewer people we meet, the lower the risk of us catching or spreading coronavirus.

“It’s up to every one of us to do our bit to keep Wales safe. We all need to work together to protect each other.

“Every day we face challenges and every day we move forward. It may seem, at times, we are only making small steps, but every step forward helps us recover and get back to a more normal way of life.

“This is not the time to change our step. Keep going forward but please remember the impact your steps can have on others.

“Before I conclude this message, I want to pay tribute to all the carers in our county. Next Thursday (November 26) is Carers Rights Day across the UK.

“In Pembrokeshire there are around 15,000 people who provide unpaid care and support to family and friends and the coronavirus pandemic must be an even more stressful time for them.

“I fully appreciate the hard work that all carers do and the tremendous commitment they demonstrate.

“In the meantime, stay safe and take care of each other.”