A top town centre consultant, and Fishguard native, has voiced his concerns at the seemingly 'incomplete' appearance of the recently revamped town square.

The multi-million pound Chimneys Link scheme was completed earlier this year.

However, in an open letter to Fishguard and Goodwick Town council, Pembrokeshire County Council and Traffic Wales George Grace, founder of Town Centered Consultancy and son of former mayor Mary Grace, asks what has happened to the final pieces of the jigsaw.

In the letter he says that the new Square is a 'big step forward with its extended pavement space, but that the Square is like a house without furnishings and décor.

"What about these final elements please?" he writes. "It's been a year since the construction was finished but it's a bit like someone has built a house but forgotten about the furniture and decoration.

"We need to see the plan or to use the analogy of a jigsaw - it seems like several people are deciding on different pieces of the jigsaw but haven't agreed on the whole picture. These new steel poles would be evidence of this."

Mr Grace, whose forte is town centre regeneration, says that the authorities should now employ another expert for the final touches.

"Appoint a decent landscape architect - just a small commission - to design in the elements and spaces I have mentioned [ tables and chairs dedicated to the individual cafes/bars; space for merchandise; public seating; additional space for flowers/planters and space for people to walk by, greet and meet].

He says that local residents should be involved in 'some genuine consultation' about 'what the big picture is for Fishguard Square before any more random steel posts or benches are dropped in'.

"This is small cost stuff compared to the road works already complete but essential to get right if the town is to regain its heart, the buildings on the square become busy again and most importantly the community of Fishguard has somewhere it likes and wishes to both visit and not rush through but to stop, buy, eat, drink, chat, watch or just be.

"This is important stuff - the centre is where the community comes together and for too long Fishguard's centre simply hasn't been up to the task."

He adds that that the lack of tables and chairs outside cafes, bars and restaurants on the Square seems to be the result of miscommunication between the councils and Traffic.

"Sorry, but this is madness. Every successful city in the world is recognising and supporting the need for outside seating etc - especially during the pandemic."