SEEMS like only yesterday we were enjoying the November link up between Radio Caroline North and Manx Radio.

If you missed it they do it all over again on the weekend of December 12 and 13.

Tune into Manx Radio's MW AM frequency of 1368khz starting at 10.30am on Saturday until 9pm on Sunday.

Sadly once again, due to the current restrictions, the studios aboard the radio ship Ross Revenge will not be used but the atmosphere created by the enthusiastic presenters will be the same.

The programmes can also be heard on Radio Caroline's MW AM frequency of 648khz , Radio Caroline and Manx Radio web sites ,mobile phone streaming and smart speakers.

The late Ronan O'Rahilly once said "Caroline can be anywhere" - using today's technology he was correct .

Tune in to a week end of musical memories once again from the 1960s.70s, 80s and one or two from the 1990s .

These broadcasts has become increasingly popular showing how radio presenting should be done in the UK.

Happy listening .


Simpson Cross