AT the moment, due to Covid, there are thousands of unemployed. Why not employ an army of Covid wardens?

Many people are visibly lacking in Covid consciousness and haven't even grasped social distancing. Some are not wearing face masks . "Exempt" or not, they shouldn't be allowed in enclosed spaces and should make alternative arrangements to shop.

In a shop recently I felt warm breath on the back of my neck. It was a tradesman concentrating his gaze on the shelves, wearing no mask. He probably continued his shopping unchallenged, but had there been a warden in operation this person could have been halted at the shop entrance.

Presently, only limited numbers are allowed in shops. However there appear to be no restrictions on the numbers allowed within the close confines of a bus. I seldom use a bus but every time that I have I've observed people oblivious to social distancing. On buses with a handful of passengers I've experienced people taking a seat directly in front or behind me when there was a choice of "distanced" seats. Naturally I moved to one of those.

Those without masks in a bus are a health hazard. It's all very well upholding "human rights"- but not in the present emergency when a person without a mask could cause many infections.

In over 100 countries masks are mandatory in public places and police enforce this law with on-the-spot fines.

Wales and the rest of the UK are too soft and too fearful of causing "offence" to introduce stricter Covid laws. 70,000 UK civilians died in air-raids in the six years of WW2. We're approaching that figure already in less than a year of Covid.

Bring on the Covid Wardens, in shops and public transport, urgently.