Two enormous new pieces of equipment being deployed at Valero Pembroke Refinery were thought to be part of a new Star Wars set, due to their size and the location where they were dressed.

A 400 tonne depropaniser and an enormous settler, both part of the refinery's alkylation unit, arrived at Pembroke Port earlier this year.

The gigantic equipment was dressed near to the hangar where the Milennium Falcon was built in 1979 leading to local speculation that another space age Star Wars set was in the making.

In fact the two gargantuan pieces of refinery kit were made in Spain before being transported to Pembrokeshire on a ship called the Happy Delta.

The equipment arrived at Pembroke Port and was then dressed by a team from Jenkins and Davies to make it ready for when it comes to site.

The crane being used to lift the depropaniser and settler into place at the refinery is so large that it is being transported to site on around 250 lorries.

It has been shipped in from Belgium and laid down at the port. It will takes six weeks to assemble and a further six weeks to take down.

"The whole operation is a real local effort," said a spokesperson for Valero. "Involving Valero, Jenkins and Davies, the Milford Haven Port Authority.

"The port of Pembroke will be used as a Hub for the 2021 turnaround [which is called the shutdown locally].

"This is the first time in around 50 years that the vessels [ the depropaniser and settler]have been changed and the investment made by Valero is a huge vote of confidence for the site's long term future."