THE three counties in the Hywel Dda Health Board (UHB) area - Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion - have seen coronavirus cases increase by more than 600 in just a week.

On the latest, January 25 figures, coronavirus cases in the three counties rose by 676 from January 18, up to 14,139 – 9,587 in Carmarthenshire, 2,953 in Pembrokeshire and 1,599 in Ceredigion.

Pembrokeshire has seen 204 extra cases, Carmarthenshire 412, and Ceredigion 60.

In the same time period, there were 22 further deaths in Hywel Dda, up to 340.

The previous Monday, January 18, saw a weekly rise of 878 cases and 34 further deaths, with 9,175 cases in Carmarthenshire, 2,749 in Pembrokeshire, and 1,539 in Ceredigion.

As of January 11, the total number of cases across the three counties were 8,620 in Carmarthenshire, 2,554 in Pembrokeshire and 1,411 in Ceredigion, with 284 deaths across the health board.

From January 4-11 cases increased by 1,055 in just one week in Hywel Dda.

During that time, Pembrokeshire saw an additional 327 cases, Ceredigion 119, and Carmarthenshire 609.

From December 28-January 4 Hywel Dda cases increased by 1,189 in one week, with 40 further deaths.

December 28 saw Hywel Dda Health Board (UHB) area coronavirus cases increase by 1,295 over the previous Monday, with 28 further deaths due to Covid-19.

The previous Monday, December 21, coronavirus cases in Hywel Dda increase by 2,236 in just one week, with 24 further deaths due to Covid-19, taking the total to 171 deaths in Hywel Dda.

The previous Monday, December 14, saw an increase of 922 cases in Hywel Dda week-on-week, with 22 further deaths in the Hywel Dda area, for a total of 147.

On December 14, there were a total of 1,366 cases in Pembrokeshire, 822 in Ceredigion and 4,622 in Carmarthenshire.

In a week, Pembrokeshire had seen an additional 165 cases, Ceredigion 107, and Carmarthenshire 650.

December 7 saw 1,201 cases in Pembrokeshire, 715 in Ceredigion and 3,972 in Carmarthenshire.

November 30 saw an increase in cases of 655 from the previous Monday, with 116 deaths in Hywel Dda to date, and 968 cases in Pembrokeshire, 588 in Ceredigion and 3,377 in Carmarthenshire.

On November 23, the total number of cases was 2,991 in Carmarthenshire; 473 in Ceredigion and 814 in Pembrokeshire, with 104 deaths in the Hywel Dda area.

The Monday previous to that, November 16, saw a Pembrokeshire total of 730; 392 in Ceredigion and 2,625 in Carmarthenshire.

Deaths up to that date in the Hywel Dda area numbered 93.

That was an increase in Hywel Dda University Health Board cases of 424 in a week, with 15 more deaths in the area than on the previous Monday, November 9, which saw Pembrokeshire’s total at 647; Ceredigion up to 336; and 2,340 in Carmarthenshire.

On November 9, the Hywel Dda UHB area had reported 78 deaths to date.