PEMBROKE Refinery is preparing for the construction of the biggest crane ever seen on site.

This colossal piece of engineering, nicknamed as Little Celeste, is currently being constructed and will dominate the Haven skyline for many weeks to come.

Over 9,000 tonnes of earth have already been removed and 18,000 tonnes of hardcore brought in to provide firm foundations for the remarkable all-electric SGC-90 ‘Little Celeste’ used by heavy lift specialists Sarens.

It will be used to lift the replacement Depropaniser and Settler units that many people have recently seen travelling down the Haven waterway.

With a ring diameter of 35 metres, a maximum counterweight of 2,700 tonnes, and a load moment of 99,000 tonnes, it can be configured in a variety of ways; with main boom lengths of 100, 120, and 130 metres and a small jib of 200 tonnes.

Its hook alone weighs over 50 tonnes.

The crane has taken over 200 lorry loads to transport it from Pembroke Port to the refinery and is taking six weeks to build and will take another six to take it down.

The big lift is due to take place in the first week of March, weather permitting.

Such is its size that another crane has been erected to construct it. That crane in itself weighing over 600 tonnes when fully built, taking 25 lorry loads to bring it to site.

Valero Public Affairs Manager Stephen Thornton said: “This is a remarkable feat of engineering which will dominate the skyline of Pembrokeshire. This event is a huge investment by Valero into the area with many local people employed. Valero is grateful to the people of Pembrokeshire for their continued support. Valero holds the safety of the community and workforce as its number one priority.”

To learn more about this remarkable feat visit and search for Little Celeste.

Pembroke refinery has measures to protect the community and workforce during its planned maintenance event.

Measures to ensure maximum safety levels include elements such as:

• All staff and contractors will be Covid-19 tested before arriving at the Valero site. Anyone testing positive will be required to isolate immediately and follow Test, Trace, Protect instructions.

• Regular random testing will also be in place on site ensuring the whole site is tested. Anyone testing positive will be required to isolate immediately and follow Test, Trace, Protect instructions.

• Public Health Wales will have a presence at the refinery during the Turnaround with staff embedded to ensure ongoing compliance with agreed safety measures.

• All contract firms operating on site have been briefed by Public Health Wales on their workers responsibilities and the personal behaviours expected within the wider community

• All members of staff and contractors will continue to be temperature tested every time they enter the refinery.

• Shift times will be staggered to allow for social distancing on site. Work groups will be kept in bubbles.

• 50 percent of the workforce will work the night shift to ensure social distancing and bubbles are maintained