THE wartime ‘blitz’ on Pembroke Dock left many scars upon its streets which can be traced today, 80 years on.

In devastating attacks by German aircraft on the night of May 11-12 1941 great swathes were cut through the town.

Another raid a month later, on June 11-12, inflicted more damage and destruction.

These were the last major air raids on the town which had been targeted in 1940 as well.

For a planned exhibition the Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre team is appealing for photographs taken before World War II of streets which were badly damaged in the air raids.

Trustee Martin Cavaney is compiling a ‘then and now’ record of the wartime damage and is hoping to fill gaps in the centre’s archive of street scenes.

Said Martin: “Many houses on both sides of lower Laws Street were completely wrecked by a stick of bombs but we have yet to find a photograph of this street as it originally looked.

“We are also seeking photographs of Market Street, Melville Terrace and King William Street as they were before the bombing, and homes in Park View Crescent which were among others badly damaged.”

The heritage centre’s archive team is also keen to hear from anyone with childhood memories of the wartime ‘blitz’ and who have memorabilia relating to the Home Guard, Air Raid Precautions (ARP) and other services involved which could be used for displays.

Contact can be made via e-mail at by phone on 01646 684220 or through Facebook or Twitter