Pembroke's Golden Grove school teacher Sion Jenkins wanted to run 100 laps of Carew Castle, and Tidal Mill in 24 hours. Sion raised over £4,000 doing so, and will be using the money to buy an adapted bike for Callum a visually impaired child in his class.

The '100 challenge' set up by the primary school, is inspired by Sir Tom Moore who decided to do 100 laps of his garden in 2020 to raise money for the NHS. 

The school asked staff, children and parents to achieve 100 of something, which could be anything from 100 times tables to 100 jumps on a trampoline. 

Head teacher Andy Williams says "Sion was aware of adapted bikes and how they could be of benefit to Callum. It coincides with the construction of a large cycle pathway at the school and this all got Sion thinking into a way of helping before Callum leaves us in July." 

Unfortunately Mr Jenkins was not able to complete all of the laps due to an injury he got in the process, but was able to run 91 miles in 17 hours and 22 minutes.

The school say they are incredibly proud of him, and are encouraging the rest of the community involved with Golden Grove to compete in the '100 challenge'.

As the fundraising money has risen there are plans to introduce more than one adapted bike into the primary school to make other children aware of what their peers may have to go through. Tune in to hear Mr Jenkins interview with Wynne Evans on Radio Wales today at 1.30pm.